Discount by Price Settings

The plugin Discount Master allows you to setup discounts in case you want to offer this service in your e-shop and consists of 3 option – Discount by price, by user role or by user.

In this section we will explain the settings of the first part, which is the Discount by price.

Please go to your e-shop administration and click on the Dicount Master option. You´ll get the following screen.

The first step will be to create new discount.

Discount name – Here you have to insert the name you would use for the discount

Price from – to  – In these 2 fields specify the price range of the purchase amount you want the discount to be applied to

Discount type – There are 2 options for Discount type – price and percentage.

Discount value – this opton depends on the previous option Discount type, here you have to define the value of the discount

Once you have entered all data, click on the Create button.

The discount will then appear in the Discount by price table/list.

In order for the discount to be actived, please check the box “Active discount” in the corresponding column. As you can observe in this table, you have the possibility to disable the discount for some of the user roles.

Any change made in the table must be saved by clicking on the Update option button.

Important:  The discounts added and activated here will apply to the total purchase amount on the Cart page before you proceed to checkout.

Here is how the settings look like in administration and then on the Cart page.

Example: 10% Discount

Example: 100 Euro Discount


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