Discount by User Role Settings

As we have already described in the Discount by price Settings article, the plugin Discount Master allows you to setup discounts whenever you want to offer this service in your e-shop and there is the choice of 3 options – Discount by price, by user role or by user.

In this chapter we will explain the settings of the first part that is the Discount by User role.

Please go to your e-shop administration and click on the Users discount option. You´ll get the following screen.

For example it is possible to create 4 levels of dealer and assign a different price discount to each of them.

Once the role is created it will appear in the list/table of discounts.

In order for the discount to be active for the user role, you must to check the corresponding box to activate it. In the Discount type column, please choose the option you want to be applied for this user role and specify the value of the discount in the last field.

Important:  Every discount is directly reflected in the product´s price on the e-shop page. There is no popup or any other additional information for the user.  For example while adding the product to the cart or on the Checkout page, this means the price of the product is final.

The last part of these setting is, the option to disable the discount when products are on sale. In case you wish to do that, just check the box and click on the Save button.

The following is how the settings will appear in administration and on the E-shop page.

Prices WITHOUT discount

After a discount is set – 20% discount


150 Euro Discount is set and applied




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